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Introduce the problem or choose the topic. 2 x + 5 = 9 2x+5=9 2x+5=9 2x+5=9. a a. g g g g. m m m m. r r r r. b b b b. h h h. n n n. s s s s. c c c. c. i i i i. o o o o. t t t.

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By Javier Bernabeu, editor of the Mathematics Team of SM. Is reasoning the same as solving problems? Data - Operation - Solution.

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Within these problems, some appear as proposed (but not solved), in different Mathematics books that you can find within the
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Probability exercises and problems

by JD Godino - Cited by 163 - 1) Solve the proposed problems. Enter in cell D6 the formula = B4+C4+D4

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