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Whether you're a spreadsheet newbie or an Excel veteran, this article will help you get the most out of the Google Sheets tool.

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As of now, it dosen't solve word problems, which I hope will be an added feature in the nearest future, it has really helped me understand math problems.

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It helps with all sorts of things but I use it to get things don't let faster but it also tell u how to use it and explains how to do it if u don't understand so it's not just for cheating I also use it to understand some questions.

Johnny Hernandez

I have never encountered any problems with the app besides that it needs data and the This app plus(This app but explains solving stepsfor auditory learners )is not free you have to pay the premium ☹️, i would definitely consider paying a bit extra for a option that dose word problems. Constantly using it for home work to understand where I miscalculated.

Rigoberto Selby

105 Google Spreadsheets templates

Investigating I found OpenSolver and to get, from Google Drive spreadsheet we click on the menu under Add-ons > Get

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51 Google Sheets add-ins (2020)

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